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Oral Conscious Sedation in Fort Worth, Texas

If you need help with dental anxiety, consider conscious sedation from Dr. Kelly Blair.

oral sedation in Fort Worth for dental anxietySerious anxiety deserves a serious solution. Oral conscious sedation has emerged over the years as an amazing way for dentists to provide relief for those who have debilitating dental fear. This method generally involves the use of sedatives to help those who are afraid to relax enough to undergo various dental procedures without hesitation or panic. How do you know if you suffer from dental anxiety? And how do you know if conscious sedation dentistry from Dr. Kelly Blair in Fort Worth, Texas is the best solution to your problem?

Symptoms of Dental Anxiety

The number one reason most people cite for their dental anxiety is a negative or painful previous experience at the dentist, usually during childhood. Many people who experience general anxiety also have a difficult time undergoing procedures because they feel like they don't have control while in the dentist's chair. Others say they feel anxious because of trips to see dentists who were harsh or insensitive about their concerns. Here at our Forth Worth office, Dr. Blair's caring attitude and the comforting atmosphere will help soften your anxiety just as much as oral conscious sedation can.

Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety, the symptoms are usually:

If any of these describe how you feel about dental visits, please contact Dr. Blair to discuss oral conscious sedation as an option during your next visit to our office.

Oral Conscious Sedation for Dental Anxiety

Conscious sedation generally involves taking an anti-anxiety medication before your dental appointment. The most commonly used choices are Halcion, Valium, or Xanax. Dr. Blair will provide you with a pill at our office to take at a recommended hour before your treatment begins. You’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment because of the strong effects of this treatment. Oral sedation depresses your central nervous system to reduce symptoms of anxiety, like a racing heartbeat and shallow breathing. You’ll feel calmer, and you probably won’t even remember much about your visit!

Other Uses for Oral Sedation

Conscious sedation is great for people without dental anxiety, too. If you need to undergo several different treatments or long procedures, have a strong gag reflex, or experience physical discomfort after sitting in the dental chair for a long time (if you have chronic back problems, etc.), oral conscious sedation can help.

Why not experience your dental care in complete comfort and relaxation? Dr. Blair take dental anxiety seriously at our general, restorative, and cosmetic dental practice in Fort Worth, Texas. We provide comprehensive sedation dentistry to enhance our excellent dental care treatments. Contact us for more information and an appointment!