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IV Dental Sedation for Fort Worth, Texas Dental Patients

If you want to overcome your dental fear, you’ll want to learn more about IV sedation from Dr. Kelly Blair.

intravenous sedation and IV sedation in Fort Worth for dental fearYou may have heard the term “sleep dentistry” in relation to IV dental sedation, but the service offered by Dr. Kelly Blair shouldn’t be confused with a general anesthetic that puts you completely to sleep. Instead, IV dental sedation helps patients overcome fears while leaving you conscious enough to respond to Dr. Blair's commands and respond appropriately. IV dental sedation has similar effects to oral conscious sedation, but the medicine is delivered intravenously for more control and more intense effects.

The beauty of IV dental sedation is that it generally causes complete or partial memory loss, leaving you unable to even recall having had a procedure performed at all. You won’t be completely asleep, but you’ll probably feel as if you have been, as time passes by almost instantaneously. If have a fear of injections, we can wait until the anti-anxiety effects of IV sedation have taken hold before administering the local anesthetic.

The Intravenous Sedation Process

The medication will be given intravenously (that’s what the I.V. stands for), and the IV will be left in place throughout your entire dental care procedure to make maintaining the right dosage easy. While you’re undergoing your treatment with intravenous sedation, we’ll monitor your vital signs, such as heart rate, to make sure you’re safe. You’ll feel no dental fear once the treatment has taken effect; in fact, the entire process should be completely pain free because you won’t even really be aware of what is going on while under its influence.

Dr. Blair offers IV sedation to make it easy for patients with dental fear to receive various treatments at our Fort Worth office, including complete cosmetic and restorative dental care. Many patients also like to use IV sedation to soften the discomfort of long procedures or treatments that require us to perform multiple services in a single visit. It can be hard to sit in the dental chair for such a long time, and IV dental sedation will make it far easier and more relaxing.

Do you experience dental fear? Do you want to feel relaxed and safe during your procedures instead? Our team focuses on total patient comfort and overcoming dental fear with IV dental sedation. Our Forth Worth-based office also serves surrounding communities from all around the DFW area. Contact us to explore your sedation dentistry options and experience the excellent results Dr. Blair is known for.