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Relaxation Dentistry from Fort Worth Dentists Dr. Kelly Blair

With an office full of patient comforts and the latest in relaxation dentistry technology, we help Fort Worth dental patients enjoy dental visits.

patient comforts in Fort WorthAs a sedation dentist, Dr. Kelly Blair focus on relaxation dentistry and patient comforts to make sure that your trips to our Fort Worth dental office are amazingly laid back and pleasant. You’ll be shocked by just how much you can enjoy visits with our team. Few people would historically describe the dental office as a great place to be, but with relaxation dentistry and patient comforts, we are changing that.

Relaxation dentistry is about more than just dental sedation. Sure, we offer several different levels – nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation – to make relaxation easy and complete, but we've also enhanced our office with various patient comforts and a spa-like environment that makes every visit feel like a mini vacation.

The Wand

One of the ways that we enhance your relaxation dentistry experience at our office is with The Wand. If you’re afraid of shots, this is the technology for you. Using this computerized injection delivery system, shots are completely pain free. Because The Wand offers computer-monitored control of the level of anesthetic delivered, you can count on complete numbing without the fear of multiple injections.


relaxation dentistry in Fort WorthTo enhance your relaxation dentistry in the dental chair, we also offer a patient comfort known as NuCalm at our Fort Worth dental office. NuCalm is a reliable, non-narcotic way for us to induce an intense state of relaxation, bringing you to the first stage of sleep and keeping you there throughout your entire dental procedure. It combines dietary supplements, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, neuroacoustic binaural beat software, and light-blocking glasses to calm brain waves to alpha level, the most relaxed state. NuCalm gives a spa-like quality to your visits, providing complete comfort for both mind and body. The benefits of patient comforts like NuCalm include:

Most of us would love to take a nap in the middle of the day. With the help of NuCalm, you’ll feel as if you have!

Our office is designed around these and other patient comforts to ensure that your relaxation dentistry experience is nothing but peaceful and easy. Forget everything you know about dental treatment and visit Drs. Blair in Fort Worth, Texas. You’ll find the trip to our sedation dentistry office well worth it because of our patient comforts and relaxation techniques. We’re also well known for our beautiful cosmetic and restorative dentistry results as well, meaning that you get complete quality when you pay our team a visit. Contact us to find out more and schedule an appointment!