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Types of Dental Sedation

Want to visit a pain free dentist? Dr. Blair offer a number of dental sedation options in Fort Worth, Texas!

dental sedation with a pain free dentist in Fort WorthYou might want to consider dental sedation if:

Whether you want to feel a little more relaxed during your trip to the dentist or you need a strong method that will keep you from remembering anything about the procedure, Dr. Kelly Blair in Fort Worth, Texas can provide the right type of dental sedation for you.

The three types of dental sedation offered by our office

Nitrous oxide is a common staple of dental offices, but oral conscious sedation isn't offered by all dentists, and IV sedation appears even less. It’s fairly rare to find an office that offers not only all three of these services, but other comforts such as The Wand and NuCalm too. For a truly pain free experience, you’ll want to turn to a sedation dentist such as Dr. Blair, who offers a truly comprehensive menu of treatments in Fort Worth, Texas.

Nitrous oxide has been used by dentists for over 150 years to calm fears and lessen the pain of various dental care procedures. When you visit Dr. Blair, we can administer nitrous oxide (commonly called “laughing gas”) to make even simple procedures, like cleanings, completely comfortable. Nitrous oxide is a very mild form of dental sedation; it's great for patients who just want a little extra relaxation or who are undergoing simple and quick dental procedures.

Oral conscious sedation is the next level of dental sedation. As the name implies, you will be awake when under the influence of oral conscious sedation, however, you’ll be in an intense state of relaxation. When searching for a sedation dentist in Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll definitely want to consider this option provided by Dr. Blair. It’s so simple – you just take an oral sedative that Dr. Blair will provide you with prior to your appointment and relax while our team takes care of the rest!

IV Sedation is a further step above oral conscious sedation. This service provided at our dental office is not the same thing as general anesthetic. Dr. Blair is accredited and able to sedate patients both orally and intravenously (I.V.). It’s similiar to oral conscious sedation, but instead of involving a pill, the sedation medication is administered intravenously for quicker results, greater ongoing control of dosage on a moment-by-moment basis, and more intense effects.

Unsure of which type of dental sedation is right for your specific situation? Drs. Blair can help as your pain free dentist! With years of experience as a sedation dentist, he can guide you to the dental sedation option that will best alleviate your fears and make your visits to Dr. Blair's Fort Worth dental office a breeze. Contact us for an appointment.